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AGE-X for Adaptive Vision

Ready-to-use Image Processing – Engineered in Europe



VisionBox AGE-X


 Perfect Computer for Standard Vision Systems


The VisionBox AGE-X’  host different interfaces for up to 4 GigE-cameras or 4 USB3-cameras. The integrated Real Time Communication Controller manages integrated LED controller, trigger generator, digital I/Os and Encoder-I/O. In the future, the Trigger-over-Ethernet functionality from RTCC and GigE interface will also be available in Adaptive Vision.


Adaptive Vision Studio


 Machine Vision Software and Libraries


Adaptive Vision provides machine vision software, libraries and development services. Since 2000 they have been creating effective and user-friendly computer vision solutions as a reliable partner of OEMs, vision system integrators and industrial end-users.




With your VisionBox set ready to operate Adaptive Vision, you are able…



…to directly connect GigE or USB cameras supported by Adaptive Vision.


Real Time Communication Controller

…to connect sensors and generate intelligent trigger pulses viathe RTCC as well as connect the trigger signals coming from the RTCC.



… to operate typical LED light heads precisely adjusted by the integrated, current-contolled LED controller in strobe or continuous mode without separate power supply.


We provide more than two dozen types of VisionBoxes and additional OEM versions. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our range of different products and please feel free to use the VisionBox Finder to locate the Box for your needs.


Why Use a VisionBox?


Time saver

It saves time. Market analysis, evaluation of functions, trigger, timing, camera timing, etc. start on a much higher level.



There are less risks. The details are important and if an error occurs, you
have a partner who can answer questions and who understands machine
vision behaviour.



Security with different types: Evaluate the world market of embedded devices
for machine vision – without fan! Who has an extensive platform? Who integrates all relevant interfaces? Imago is the world market leader in machine vision product variety.



Our price-performance ratio is very good. We are not the cheapest because cheap means a higher risk of failure. We work with high quality parts, delievering the best you can get in machine vision.
Prevent breaking out in a sweat only because components were low-grade. We got you covered.



It means having a happy boss and a satisfied customer. By being faster
in R&D and providing a more reliable app, you will receive respect and
acknowledgement from your boss and/or your customers.


 Adaptive Vision Studio is a dataflow-based software designed for machine vision engineers. It is easy to use in typical applications, yet at the same time its capabilities are virtually unlimited – there are vision systems in the field based on Adaptive Vision Studio, which run hundreds of filters and reliably deal with the most challenging vision problems.


The product comes with a comprehensive library of image analysis filters optimized not only for their effectiveness, but also for the highest flexibility and usability. What is more, a graphical designer for HMI is also included. You are getting a software tool that makes it possible to quickly create complete vision applications, which can be instantly deployed to a VisionBox AGE-X. More features are:


Drag & Drop

All programming is done by choosing filters and connecting them with each other. You can focus all your brain power on machine vision.


You Can See Everything

As the application is optimized for the needs of computer vision professionals, all intermediate results can be viewed and analyzed, and parameters can be adjusted in real time.


Multi Core processing

The filters are aggressively optimized for the SSE technology and for multicore processors.


C / C++

You can use user filters to integrate your own C/C++ code with the benefits of visual programming. Programs created in Adaptive Vision can be exported to C++. The generated code uses Adaptive Vision Library and compiles to a native EXE file.


HMI Designer

You can easily create custom graphical user interfaces and thus build the entire machine vision solution using a single software package.


Loops and Conditions

Without writing a single line of code, you can create arbitrarily complex algorithms. Loops and conditions are created implicitly with appropriate data connections.


Macros & Modules

Large programs can be organized into small, easy to understand portions – macrofilters. A macrofilter is a reusable sequence of filters with its own inputs, outputs and a data processing cycle. A collection of related macrofilters can be moved to a separate file. That constitutes a module that can be shared among many different projects.



Filters from the popular OpenCV library are included. It is possible to mix them in a single program with the filters of Adaptive Vision Studio.


Getting started:

Option One

Purchase the Adaptive Vision license from your local distributor. Purchase a VisionBox from IMAGO Technologies. Connect your own cameras, sensors, I/Os and illumination units. For support please ask for our engineering services.

Option Two

Ask the IMAGO sales for a complete ready-to-use set of hardware, software and peripherals, and as an option it comes with an Adaptive Vision Demo on your personal set.


Do you want to know more about our ready-to-use tool processing? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to answer every question that may arise and send you more information.

There are many different options as well as add-ons available. We also offer individual Vision packages, fitting your needs and wants.

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