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Machine Vision Manager



  • Real Time

    Real Time communication controller to manage I/Os, encoder interfaces, camera triggers and LED illuminations.

  • LED-Controller

    Four LED controllers with up to 6 A strobed or 0.5 A continuous (24 V).

  • Easy to use

    Easily connected to host with USB 3.0. SDK for C++ & .net  like AGE-X-SDK.

  • Housing

    Robust, compact housing without fan or heat sink for 24 V power input.

  • Long Time Availability

    Waiving x86 processors allows long availability time.

  • OEM

    Wide variety of interface options and optimization for OEM-projects.

Box Description

The Machine Vision Manager (MVM) offers all specific vision functions without any CPU inside. Operated by a separate PC the device is composed around the Real Time Communication Controller from the VisionBox. It allows perfect synchronization of cameras and LED light heads with any machine.

In the combination with the VisionBox AGE-X series the MVM offers more I/O, more LED control outputs, camera trigger and encoder inputs.



Machine Vision Features

  • Trigger-over-Ethernet
  • 4× LED & trigger controller
  • 16/16 digital I/Os
  • 2× 3/3 RS422 Encoder In/Out interface
  • Real Time communication controller
  • Fanless / no heat sink
  • Long term availability

Computing Features

  • USB 3.0 host interface
  • 1× Ethernet Port for ToE
  • 2× RS232

Optional Features for OEM

  • Cost effective reduction of interfaces
  • 2× AUX-port for extra sockets
  • Two internal USB 3.0 ports, e.g. for dongle
  • Customized front design
  • IP65 housed
Machine Vision Manager full

AGE-X Tiger connected to Machine Vision Manager

Machine Vision Manager connected to AGE-X Tiger
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