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Sercos has been one of the leading bus systems for industrial applications for more than 25 years. The real-time technology with its millionfold proven quality, universal application possibilities and high security of investments make the Sercos automation bus the first choice in mechanical engineering and construction.



MVTec Software GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision used in all demanding areas of imaging: semiconductor industry, web inspection, quality control and inspection applications in general, medicine, surveillance etc.

The most popular product is HALCON – an impressive library of image processing algorithms and tools. The latest product for intuitive creation of an application is MERLIC which cooperates perfectly with the VisionBox.



“Professional tools and solutions for the industrial image processing” describes the focus of SAC.  Measuring part dimensions is their big strength. The tool Coake 7  masters multiprocessing and employs WPF-technology. The processing of big images (4GB or bigger), the responding of multiple hardware components at the same time and the free configuration of the surface, are not a problem anymore. Coake 7 is well integrated into the VisionBox.



Q.VITEC is a solution provider in all aspects of industrial image processing. In this field, they offer intelligent software, reliable hardware and customised system integration.

On the side of Vision Tools they provide the Q.400 software to create fast an application. Q.400 is based on HALCON and also directly interfaced with the VisionBox.


Future Processing

Future Processing provides the Vision Tool “Adaptive Vision” as a combination of vision algorithms and the GUI interface. Future Processing in general provides software engineering.

Adaptive Vision Studio software is another powerful graphical environment for machine vision engineers. It is based on dataflow and comes with a comprehensive set of powerful, ready-for-use image analysis filters. Adaptive Vision connects to the VisionBox as well.


Emergent Vision Technologies

Founded in 2007, Canada’s Emergent Vision Technologies develops 10GigE monochrome, colour and near-infra-red cameras for industrial imaging and machine vision applications.

10 GigE means net data rates up to 1.000 MByte/s coming from one camera. For real time applications IMAGO provides the related computing infrastructure, please ask for details about the VisionBox HPC.


Antares Vision Srl

Antares Vision is a company created to respond to a growing demand within the pharmaceutical industry regarding the themes of security and quality control. Thanks to 20 years experience in pharmaceutical vision technology and related applications, Antares became in few years a front runner for inspection systems and a leader in complete hardware and software solutions for Track & Trace.


Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments – in the context of image processing – provides highly integrated multi-core processors based on the KEYSTONE and/or ARM architecture. In combination with a Real Time OS and very low power consumption Embedded Vision Systems are realized.



Beside processors FPGAs are used inside VisionBox for a lot of different jobs like Camera Interfaces, Communication Tasks, Image Preprocessing. SOC devices as a combination of multi-core ARM and FPGAs become more important. Open CL is the high level language which will make the programming easier even VHDL is still popular.



INTEL is the well known supplier of x86 processors. For the series VisionBox AGE-X mainly Intel processors are used starting with the Celeron ending with i7 Quad core chips.

In addition INTEL is the manufacturer of Ethernet devices.



Microsoft provides the Windows Embedded OS for VisionBoxes. For customized VisionBoxes IMAGO is able to modify the OS to a reduced OS which only provides functions needed for the application.

In the industry most popular is Windows Embedded Standard 7.



Thanks to the growing market of Embedded, Internet of Thinks, Android, iOS the Linux OS is more popular and important. For customized VisionBoxes (x86) IMAGO provides his own Linux distribution which is well tested with all related interfaces needed for machine vision applications.

Linux and RT Linux benchmarks are important for the real time behavior of todays Vision Systems.

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