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AGE-X Bundle With Q.VITEC Q.400

Ready-to-use Image Processing – Engineered in Germany

IMAGO Technologies – together with Q.Vitec – offers a bundle of the famous AGE-X with a ready-to-run Vision software. Setting up a complete Vision system is easy and no programming skills are needed.

AGE-X plus Q.400


Vision Q.400 V7.1

One Software Program, Many Possibilities

 Vision Q.400 is an optical quality control program that is as easy to use as it is powerful. It is aimed at users as well as system integrators in industrial image processing who wish to implement rapid, straightforward inspection solutions at the highest level, without programming knowledge. Vision Q.400 is available as a software package, or pre-installed on Q.VITEC’s Q.400 series image processing systems.

Expertise at the Click of a Mouse

Vision Q.400 provides you with a range of first-class inspection tools that you can combine intuitively into a rapid and precise testing routine with a few mouse clicks. Regardless of whether you are performing e.g. completeness checks, measurement tasks, object recognition, contour testing or positioning, Vision Q.400 covers a wide spectrum of industrial testing tasks. In addition, this comprehensive functionality can be extended by means of individualised algorithms.


VisionBox AGE-X

The AGE-X Ruby Tiger is the perfect computer for standard Vision systems. Two cameras can immediately be used with Q.400. Two additional cameras become available with a software upgrade.


Our integrated Real Time Communication Controller manages integrated LED controller, trigger generator and digital I/Os and incremental encoder I/O while the i5 CPU processes the images. Powered by 24VDC and due to its small size, the AGE-X can be mounted into nearly every machine.


Q.400 and Windows embedded 7 OS are ready to run and stored on a Flash memory. As the AGE-X is also without fan, the risk of mechanical problems is minimized. All components are available for several years, for continuous delivery without changes.



  • Modular software licensing model – upgrades possible at any time
  • Wide range of image processing algorithms implemented for immediate use
  • No skills in programming required
  • Flexibly adaptable to your inspection tasks
  • Custom GUI/HMI easily realizable with ActiveX controls
  • Optional Q.VITEC HALCON Interface for your HDevelop scripts



  • 4x GigE-Vision & 1x GigE-LAN
  • 4x LED controller (flashed: 6 A x 24 V per channel)
  • 4x Camera trigger (synchronized, offset)
  • 8/8 fast digital I/Os (optodecoupled)
  • 4x USB 3.0
  • i5 CPU & FPGA controller
  • 4 GB RAM & 32 GB SSD
  • Windows Standard Embedded 7 Multilingual 64bit
  • Size – 230 x 160 x 76 mm3
  • 24 VDC & fanless
  • Long-time availability


The Starting-Kit Q.AGE-X is Available in 4 Different Configurations:

Bundle 1: Q.AGE-X.W.16

VisionBox AGE-X RT &  Q.400V7.1 ADV including:

– Color 1.2 MP camera
– C-mount lens: f = 16 mm, 1:1.4

– White LED ring light

Bundle 3: Q.AGE-X.R.16

VisionBox AGE-X RT &  Q.400V7.1 ADV including:

– Monochrome 1.2 MP camera
– C-mount lens: f = 16 mm, 1:1.4

– Red LED ring light

Bundle 2: Q.AGE-X.W.25

VisionBox AGE-X RT &  Q.400V7.1 ADV including:

– Color 1.2 MP camera
– C-mount lens: f = 25 mm, 1:1.4

– White LED ring light

Bundle 4: Q.AGE-X.R.25

VisionBox AGE-X RT &  Q.400V7.1 ADV including:

– Monochrome 1.2 MP camera
– C-mount lens: f = 25 mm, 1:1.4

– Red LED ring light


Do you want to know more about our ready-to-use image processing? There are many different options as well as add-ons available. We also offer individual VisionBundles, fitting your needs and wants.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to answer every question that may arise and send you more information.
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