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VisionBox Win / Linux


VisionBox Win / Linux

Real Time Communication Controller (RTCC), LED current controlled outputs, encoder input/output for line scan applications, fast I/O, intelligent camera trigger generation, Ethernet PoE and unique Trigger-over-Ethernet, field bus, OS Windows Embedded or IMAGO Linux.


The Heart of Your Vision System: VisionBox

The VisionBox has been invented for producers of machines, devices and systems. Our customers are renowned mid-size and big companies served with the latest computing technology from an experienced German supplier. Since 1998, the name “VisionBox” represents of the heart of embedded vision system.

In addition to our real-time systems here you find VisionBoxes with x86 based processors.

Operating System: We serve Windows Embedded and IMAGO´s Linux Distribution.


Specially designed as embedded computers for image processing, the VisionBox AGE-X family combines powerful x86 processors and machine vision specific interfaces.

Cameras are connected to a mixture of:

1 or 4 or 8 GigE-ports, self-sufficient, to serve GigE cameras

Camera Link ports for 2x CL Base, 1x CL Medium or 1x CL Full.

4 or 8 USB3.0-ports can be provided for USB 3.0 cameras. Feasibility tests due to the application are recommended.

GigE Vision


IMAGO’s specialty is the Real Time Communication Controller RTCC. It deals with:

Camera Trigger via Trigger line in Camera Link cable or via GigE Vision Action Command or via separate Trigger output. Jitter for all three methods is less than 1 µs, because the GigE-Trigger is processed around the x86 in our real-time hardware.

LED Controller: Each channel supplies 144 W peak power / 12 W cw power for LED light heads with current control. This saves a separate controller and perfectly synchronizes with the camera.

Digital I/O: Digital inputs with 5 MHz speed allow perfect reaction to the situation. Digital outputs are either available with a low-power version with 20 mA @ 50 kHz or high-power version with e.g. 1 A @ 33 kHz. Each module provides 8/8 opto-isolated I/Os.

Encoder interface: The unique RS422-interface provides either 3 input and 3 output channels to connect multiple AGE-X with Camera Link to a single encoder or provides 4 input channels for the 4 GigE-ports of AGE-X Jaguar & Tiger. The frequency is 10 MHz.


With the RTCC, the effort for proper timing and cabling is dramatically reduced because most cameras can be connected with a single (CAT or Camera Link) cable and the RTCC-SDK is ready to be used in C++, .net and some software tools. The x86-part of the AGE-X uses fast, power-efficient processors with up to four i7-cores in combination with Windows Embedded Standard 7 or IMAGO’s Linux setup, which is preinstalled on the SSD. This ensures long availability and easy adaption to the application’s needs.

More features for an easy integration into a machine:

IP65 housing Turtle for AGE-X

IP67 housing Armadillo for GigE cameras

Fanless design | Compact size | 24 VDC

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A VisionBox is no industrial PC. It supports by hardware, firmware and software all for a vision application needed interfaces.

Computing power is served by x86, DSP, ARM

Operating system is served by Windows Embedded, SYS/BIOS, Linux.

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