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VisionCam XS

  • Configuration

    More than 500 different configurations possible.

  • Real Time

    600 MHz or 700 MHz Processor from Texas Instruments.

  • High Resolution

    From 0.3 MPixel up to 2.0 MPixel.

  • Speed

    From 39 fps up to 60 fps.

  • IP67 Protection

    Different tube sizes to fit over the video lens without vignetting.

  • Video Lens

    Choose your lens or lens mount:

    f = 6, 9, 12 & 16 mm or S-, C- & CS-mount.

  • Light

    Controller for internal or external LED flash.

  • Software

    C/C++ programmable and optional support for OpenCV.

  • Power

    Extremely low power consumption:
    < 3,5 W Camera + < 4 W LED-Illumination.

  • Communication

    2 / 4 digital I/Os, serial interface and Ethernet interface.


The VisionCam XS – as an intelligent, programmable camera – offers an attractive price-performance ratio: It is available in different resolutions – either in color or monochrome. Depending of the sensor type, it delivers up to 2 Megapixel or up to 60 fps.  The image data is calculated on a 600 MHz or 700 MHz processor from Texas Instruments – named DaVinci. The 2 GByte internal flash memory stores program data and pictures.
For communication with higher-level systems as well as the machine there are 2 / 4 digital IOs, a serial interface and an Ethernet interface. The LED controller and the optionally integrated LED ring light ensures proper illumination. The camera can be triggered asynchronously from outside. The intelligent camera is, as usual, delivered with complete software, so that you can quickly integrate your application. The real time OS DSP/BIOS is capable of multitasking and made by Texas Instruments – as well as the Code Composer Studio for programming C/C++.

For more power in image processing, please have a look at its brother, the VisionCam PS.


  • Color or monochrome CMOS-sensor
  • Resolutions: 0.3 – 2 MPixel
  • Up to 60 fps
  • 600 / 700 MHz DSP, 256 MByte RAM
  • Coming soon: Multi-Core-ARM/DSP
  • With video lens: f = 6, 9, 12 & 16 mm
  • With lens mount: S-, C-, or CS-Mount
  • Two opto-isolated trigger inputs
  • LED controller (int./ext.)
  • Robust housing – IP 67
  • Long-term availability

VisionCam XS – all models, all specifications

The VisionCam XS is a modular camera – choose your parts and your configuration and we will build it just the way you want it.

The first step is to look at the VisionCam Flyer showing the different modules. Then go ahead and look into the Specification for the VisionCam XS especially relevant for the sensors.

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